Changing Seasons: Spring

Creative writing brings my mind to poetry once in a while. Inspired by Spring. … More Changing Seasons: Spring


Transportation Networks: Moving Bodies through the City

Living within Canada for the majority of my life has desensitized me to the use of public transportation. I bought my first car at 21 years old and I was driving it until I left in March 2018 to move to Germany.  Driving a car is conditioned to most of the middle-class (and upper-class) folks … More Transportation Networks: Moving Bodies through the City

Würzburg and Wine

Würzburg and the surrounding area in Franconia How beautiful with wine hills all around. I must say, traveling in Spring has its positives (aside from there only being early budding and blooms), there are not the giant massive crowds. Würzburg is located in Franconia (Franken), the northern region of Bavaria (Bayern), it’s a smaller city … More Würzburg and Wine