I’m a Canadian living abroad in Germany.  My roots are in Portugal and Germany where the vast majority of my relatives have hailed from.  In Canada, I often found myself identifying as German-Portuguese born and raised in Canada, now that I’m in one of those two countries I say that I’m Canadian — interesting how that works, eh?

I enjoy writing, sometimes I’ll say or write something nonsensical, but its fun, so just play along with me.

I love food and drinks, so finding a delicious place to enjoy a plate or a beverage is always a high priority.  Although a traditionally ‘fussy’ eater, I will say ‘yes’ to trying some sort of local cuisine when the opportunities present themselves. For example, trying raw oysters and kangaroo meat in Australia, eating scallops in Nova Scotia, and dipping crab meat in garlic butter in British Columbia.

Kangaroo meat
Kangaroo meat

Hearing stories from other people is part of why I’m now living in another country. I find it energizing to learn from others what shapes their identities through the experiences they have had. I find a story to be powerful and full of different knowledge to learn from.

I’m super new to the blog-world; be patient and kind as I navigate my way through these digital technologies. I’ll laugh at myself a lot during this process and also be very frustrated with myself. We shall see if any of that comes across in my writing, hopefully.


Thanks for taking this journey with me.