Changing Seasons: Autumn


It’s the season just before Winter.

Many people love Fall or Autumn because of the colourful foliage that fills treetops and the fashion trends that accompany that.

Autumn here was a up and down; I flourished during the warmer, sunny days, and I felt present in some moments to work hard to preserve these memories until 2019.


The heat of the sun teases you as the cool breeze touches your skin
Feeling it move the tiny hairs along your arms and legs
To lie close to the earth
Hearing the crisp,
Leaves move about –
Doing their dance before lying still and dormant.

Chatting groups sit within ear length,
We are all here for one of the last times of the year
The energy that pulses through each individual being in the park.

Pink glows atop the jagged shapes,
The hues change
Matching the gentle,
Awakening the sky –
Silence and stillness as life begins to rise.

The briskness comes closer
Feel the breath in front
This time of year
The sun wakes up,
Just so it goes to sleep –
Waiting for tomorrow to start anew.  


One thought on “Changing Seasons: Autumn

  1. Very lovely so true, I do like falland the photos are beautiful. Reminds me of conueing in the summer, the river. Yes fall is a beautiful time of year. Enjoyed reading your poem.


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