Changing Seasons: Spring

Spring is beautiful, nature returns to growing and sharing its changing life to us.

I’m usually a big fan of summer, however, this Spring really struck me as breathtaking; one day there’d be cherry blossoms, the next day some flower that I don’t even know the name of.

I watched the courtyard at my apartment go from grey and dreary to green and life-like. To honour my feelings of the last couple of months, I wrote some poetry during brief stints of my many walks. Enjoy.

Spring is in the air,
Chiming here and blowing hair.
Fresh cut grass,
A roaring motor shaping groomed paths through green scenes.
The strong smells tickling your nose,
Blooming buds and chirping chicks,
Long nights encourage one to go playfully about,
Frolicking throngs of ducks that sound cluck, cluck, cluck.

Seedlings sprout and all the earth grows
Sparrows chase whatever sows.
Frühling kommt zu leben,
Essen frisch
Gemüse und Obst
Erdbeeren und Spargel in jedes Markt.

The crisp colours delight
Broad sounds up above
Singing songs that they love.
Seasonal Saisons discover dry tastes,
Outdoor seating once again makes pleasing.

Rose bushes along the fences,
Shed a reminder – summer nears closer.
The wheels spin as they ride by,
Their baskets filled with Blume in all different Farben.
The gentle ghost of mid-afternoon delight,
Pursuing the golden glow that shone the light.



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